What makes The Rapture Night different from any other products out there?


We focus on 3 primary aspects:


1. A Redefining Experience. Unlike other sex toys, The Rapture Night is a portable sex MACHINE. This pushes the boundaries of the experience you will have in bed. Be it by yourself or with a partner, the product offers you a moment to remember for the rest of your life.


2. Minimal Noise. The biggest concern for most buyers out there is the noise that is going to be generated by a device of such a size. Fret not, The Rapture Night is designed to produce as little sound as possible and still give you an opportunity to venture into higher intensity plays, without being heard. Check out our customer review for more information.


3.  Affordability. A machine with such intensity definitely comes at a price. Our brand aims to narrow that gap for you to offer you luxurious products at a discounted price. The Rapture Night is designed to be affordable, luxurious, portable and redefining. There is nothing else like it out there. 


When will my order arrive? 

Our delivery courier is DHL and it takes about 7 - 14 days to arrive! 


Will my family or neighbours find out what I ordered?

Absolutely not! Our products come in a discreet packaging and no one will know.


What plug does The Rapture Night come in?

Depending on where you are situated, we will send the dedicated plug for you so that you will not need an adapter!


Do you ship globally?

Yes we do, and it's completely free! We also utilise a reliable delivery courier for your complete trust and access.


Can I return my order?

Do check our refund policy page for more details!


For any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.